2 Recent Case Studies

Featured2 Recent Case Studies


It’s been a busy month, with the purchase of 5 collections, ranging from 50 items up to over 600! I thought it might be useful, if you’re thinking of selling your records, if I gave you a couple of case studies, so you can see if it might suit your current situation.

The reasons for people to get in contact with me vary from needing more space, inheriting a family members collection, needing to raise some money, downsizing and many more. The point is, no matter what your reason is, I am happy to give advice, a free valuation and if you’re happy with my offer, an quick cash payment and speedy collection.

Case Study 1 – The Kent Collection


It can be a little bit daunting picking up the phone and calling a number from a website you know nothing about, but that is just what this lovely couple did. We had a few telephone calls, and it became clear that this was a very interesting collection. It was also clear that I was not the only person they had contacted, and I had to arrange to get over and see the collection pronto! Luckily, I am available 7 days a week, so it was easy to find a suitable time to travel to Kent and find out more.

Having arrived at the house, and accepted a very welcome cup of tea, I sat down with the couple to find out what their situation was. Quite simply, having collected records for 50+ years, no one else in the family was interested in having them, so the decision was taken to sell them. And, what amazing musical taste they had!

Laid out before me where about 6 piles of records, around 100 LP’s and a similar number of 7″ singles. But, before looking through them, I wanted to find out how the collection had been put together. The husband had just loved his music, from The Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin, The Who and so much more. And he had cherished the records, because they were in lovely condition.

Just a quick note here, if you’re thinking of selling your records, please remember the condition of the covers and vinyl is critical.

So, the collection had been assembled over about 30 years, and had been stored for a further 20 years or more. Every time any of their favourite artists released a record, they were there, on the day of release, to buy it. It was a real shame that no-one in the family was interested in having them.

They had already met another company who had spent a couple of minutes and then offered them a flat rate per LP. I don’t want to get into a debate over how to value records, but my approach is to look at every collection as a one-off, and then give a one-off valuation, based on what it is you want to sell. I think it’s the fairest way to arrive at the right offer.

So, having finished my tea, I spent some time crawling around on the floor looking through the records, and then very quickly, I made them a cash offer, which they were delighted to accept. We concluded the money part in a couple of minutes, I loaded the records into the car, with the help of the husband (thank you!) and then was on my way.

They were going to share the proceeds of the sale of their record collection between their grand children, reasoning that the money would be more use to them than a pile of vinyl records (no matter how great their taste was!)

Case Study 2 – The Hampshire Collection


This was a very different situation, and all arrangements were conducted by e-mail. I visited the owner of this collection on a weekend, to fit around their other commitments.

The owner of this collection was in the middle of a change of life direction, which involved downsizing to a smaller home. The collection had been assembled through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, and there was an eclectic mix of tastes, ranging from Elton John to Alice Cooper and everything in between.

The owner of the collection was unsure whether to just take the whole lot to their favourite charity, or try and sell them and then give the proceeds to charity. It was clear that the house move was imminent as there was not much furniture in the house, so I sat on the floor going through around 50 or so LP’s. The condition ranged from very good to almost mint, so having looked through them all, I was able to make an instant cash offer, which after a little bit of haggling, we agreed on a figure we were both comfortable with.

I was able to pay cash and take the collection away at the same time. For this person, having a quick decision and being able to collect at the same time, was a very important factor in choosing to sell to me. Time was limited and important to this person, so I was delighted to be able to take the records away whilst a welcome donation to charity was on it’s way too.

If you’re thinking of selling your record collection, be it small or large, then get in touch now. I can usually get to see your collection within a couple of days and can make an instant cash offer.

I specialise in Rock, Beat & 60’s, Prog, Punk, Indie and Britpop. From AC/DC to ZZ Top!! Not forgetting The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Rolling stones etc….  Call me now on 07468 584343.

Top Beatles Rarities Currently On Ebay

Over the years, many artists and bands have suddenly become incredibly collectable, and then, disappeared from view almost as quickly. I remember how collectable The Bluetones were, and Starsailor (personally, I really like both bands!), not to mention dozens of others. But, some bands just continue to be uber-collectable, and today I want to talk about probably the most consistently collectable band in the world, The Beatles.

Now, I’m not the first person to try and write about the Top Beatles collectables, and you’d probably get bored pretty quickly, but just to be a little bit different, I thought I’d look at this through the lens of Ebay. So, here are the Top Beatles collectables currently being advertised on Ebay (other auction sites are available, ahem!).

In at No. 4 pop pickers is:

Beatles Yesterday And Today – 3rd State – Mono USA vinyl LP – Price: £1,798.95

For those of you who don’t know about this album, this was the one where the Beatles were so successful, that the record company just left them to it. Expecting some sugary album cover art work, imagine their faces when John, Paul, George and Ringo showed them this delightful album cover. The story goes that rather than trash the small number that had already been pressed and printed, the record bosses decided to stick new artwork over the top. Various enterprising folks have found ways to remove the new artwork, and restore the original. Here is an example of one:



Aaat number 3, we have:

THE BEATLES WHITE ALBUM. MONO, 0000865 – Auction Start Price: £2,000

A perennial favourite on Ebay and of Beatles collectors. The White Album comes in many different guises, but the one to go for is a low number, mono, top opening first day release in the wonderful Garrod & Lofthouse sleeve. Each copy had a fold out poster and 4 portrait photos of the boys, and each copy was individually numbered. Rumour has it, that Paul McCartney personally owns number 0000001, and it’s autographed by all 4 of the band. Low number copies can fetch a tidy sum, and by low I mean under 0001000, and a tidy sum being anything upto £5,000.



In at number 2, we have:

Beatles Please Please Me Mono Gold & Black 1st Press – Price: £4,500

Whatever happened to those 4 clean living, sharp dressed young men? Just a great album cover that still looks fresh today. This is a fantastic copy in almost mint condition, and is one of the earliest releases, so definitely one for the Beatles collector who has to have the best! This album was released on the 22nd march 1963, and in some peoples opinion was the launch pad for the Liverpool lads. It’s still amazing to think just how many ground breaking albums they released in just 8 short years!



And at Number 1, we have:


When it comes to one-offs, this really does deserve the label! Acetates are what the vinyl discs are copied from, so by their very nature, they are incredibly rare, and this one is rare for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it features the Fab 4, so we’re off to a good start already, but then we find it’s an interview recorded by the much missed Kenny Everett, recorded during the recording of the White Album. It really is a piece of musical history, which maybe why it is on offer at £5,995.



Well, obviously picking Beatles rarities is always difficult, and be warned, there are some unauthenticated items out there, so you have to tread carefully.

I have been collecting vinyl records for over 40 years, and I specialise in 60’s Pop & Beat, Rock, Punk, Indie and Prog Rock, so if you have any unwanted vinyl records, or are thinking of selling, then please get in touch! I offer free, no obligation valuations in London, South East and on occasion, further afield!

Send me a list of what you’re selling, and I’ll be in touch.